Monday, 28 July 2014

Working out is my partying #3

I’m going to be frank and say my relationship with running is a rollercoaster and we are experiencing some dips in speed and energy right now but soon we fully attend to be operating at normal pace.

My goodness it’s been hard running in this heat, but I’m so thankful for my UK tan! (Oh please; the vanity) but I’m not thankful for the reduction in my pace, yet when I take a moment, I realise it’s far better to run slowly than not run at all. It’s just those days when you feel like your legs are made of led, the air is so thick and humid and every mile feels like 3… I’m going to run slow and I’m going to be okay with that.
Oh a lighter note..

I’ve had an enjoyable week of workouts, I’ve found a new gym (with a Jacuzzi  so I can unwind after a workout), I’ve increased my running mileage, I tried a new class and spent some time on the mat.
Life is good.

Monday – 1hr 15mins Flow Yoga

Do you have days when It feels just like it should?

I was having one of those day’s; before the class I caught up with someone I went to school with, 15 years ago (time really does fly) and then we started the class and I drifted into my own content yoga world.

Tuesday – 4 Miles Running


I finished on time, I came home and took the direct route to my gym wear cupboard, demolished some carbs and took myself out to run the streets. Happy in my own little world (notice a theme?) I ran 4 miles in 37mins and returned home, spent 10 minutes with my kettlebells (5KG & 12KG) before reappearing showered,fresh and worthy of the dinner my beloved had made.

Wednesday – 4.5 Miles Running & 1.5 Mile Walk

I feel like a potato in the microwave

I’m going around and around in the sweltering heat, I don’t want to be here on this path and I don’t want to run…I can’t run…I.must.walk. 4.5miles in a tortuous 43 minutes and  then followed up with a 1.5 mile walk (inc warm up walk) back to the office.

Thursday – Crossfit & 1.5 Miles Running

Good morning 5am – Your looking…in need of a coffee and some mascara!

I entered ‘the box’, I looked around wondering if it was some sort of Thursday morning torture chamber or the workout venue of my dreams. I love running at 7 minute mile pace at 6.30am, I love doing so many squats that my booty hurt the next day..but I really loved swinging my kettlebell.

Getting to the office super early would make for a long ole day so I spent 14 minutes on a slow re: energising run around the block.

Friday – 1.5 Miles Running, Stair Machine, Kettlebell and Ab’s

Hello new gym, I’m thankful you have one of those Jacuzzi things…Next time I want to use it please eliminate the creepy guys. Luv Katie.

Started my workout with a power walk, then 1.5 miles in 12 minutes to ‘wake me up’ a little and headed towards the stair machine, I’ve recently started using this for lunges which always feel’s painful the next day. Then a 15 minute workout with a kettlebell (12KG) and 15 minutes workout with abs using a ball/kettlebell.

Saturday – 5.2 Miles Running & 6 Miles Walking

Will walk for new clothes. Will run for BBQ.  

Up bright and early out and out for 5.2 miles running (49 minutes – Arghghgh where is my pace?) and once I was refuelled we walked into town, shopped and plodded back.


The day of rest.

So tired. Tired from late nights out enjoying good company, food and drink and tired from not having a formal rest day for around 2 weeks. More BBQ more good company, lounging around and cereal for dinner.


Tell me - Do you vary your weekly workouts? I'm trying to change from week to week but I stick with the staples of running - yoga- weights because that's what I enjoy!  


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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Smile, Shake & Repeat

"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" - Roald Dahl

Hi folks,

Today we have no recipes.
Today we aren't talking about getting seriously sweaty and huffing and puffing in lycra.
Today we aren't freaking out about the sweet stuff.
Today we ARE the sweet stuff.
I think a huge part of a healthy mind is….

*wait for it…*

Having a happy  healthy mind!

Thinking that everything is going to go wrong is so easy; I’m a natural worrier and I’ve 
spent many sleepless nights creating situations in my head that never, ever actually happen…ever.

Let's take a moment talk about everything that's making me happy right now shall we? 

& then..if you please, share some of the thing's that are brightening your day.


There is a huge generation of women so very focused on looking 'perfect' and the humble selfie has a huge amount to do with this, we take pictures, we NEVER look at good as we want to..86 pictures later and I still look incredibly stupid. 

Above we have confused, bloated, shocked and gormless..I made a extra special effort to take these after a 4 mile run (after work hence the makeup) and I think the sweat just add's to the appeal - I could give lessons on how to sexy selfie right? 

Remember you are beautiful; we are all beautiful and perfect in our own ways! 


When I was on my fitness pal I used to read endless sad post's from people when they felt they ate too much or weren't seeing any results. Also people with recovering from eating disorders (which aren't limited to starvation type disorders, these feelings appear in so many different ways) and I just feel so sad because good wholesome nutrition really can change how your day to day life pans out.

I like setting up mini picnic breakfasts and devouring pancakes, fresh berries and coconut yoghurt and eating huge colourful bowls of salad with lentils, seeds, pomegranate and sultana’s. The summer means I can fill bowls with vibrant juicy mango pieces and make little raw chocolate tarts topped with coconut cream and fresh berries.

A happy/healthy plate creates a happy mind set and well being; healthy should not mean tasteless, boring or even particularly low calorie.

 Clothes, Yoga, Cat's & Flowers.

As I currently don’t have a pet, when I return to my parents I’m in instant ‘cat lady’ mode, it’s like something takes over me and fussing Tigra (the talkative Bengal)  makes me smile.

I love the feeling of being grounded by yoga, so many of my daily hour’s whizz by in a flutter of phone calls, e-mails’ paper work and stress. Bare feet, an open heart and mind and a smile on my face..

Fabletic’s has officially launched in the UK and I’m showing off my first month’s purchases, I absolutely adored each item. The fabric is great quality, the fit is very flattering although in relation to the sizing I would add that with the crop top I went for XS (UK 8) as I’m very small in the bust area but for anyone larger than a B/C it may be a struggle. 3 well fitting, stylish pieces for £22.00 was absolute bargain! I had a moment of self-doubt posting this picture, because I am only human and sometimes feel ‘aware’ of my athletic frame. I may have lived in this body for a long time and experiencing the soft curves of a busy size 16/18 shape up until age 24 and then becoming a slave to calorie counting and trying to become ‘skinny’ to accepting a shape that feel’s fit, strong and capable feels like a pretty incredible journey.

My beloved sent me ‘Happy 600 Day’s’ flowers in my favourite colours (pink and purple) as a surprise to my office.  It still catches me out when we are chilling at home together and I look across at him and feel so much genuine love; I know many of my readers are married or settled but it’s taken me a long time to find someone I feel like this about. I never really knew it existed and that for me; is something to be truly happy about.

The chatterbox in me just wants to keep on talking, I want to tell you about my dinner, I want to tell you about my crossfit experience, I want to share how hard running in this heat is and I do want to tell you just how much I love Barry M Nail polish.

Alas..I’ll stop now..Tell me – What’s made you smile this week? Do you ever struggle with keeping a healthy mind set? & last question (I know, I know..) If your body shape has changed – How do you feel?



P.s - I'm hosting a healthy living bloggers twitter chat on Sunday with Health Bloggers UK (@HBloggersUK) & even if your not a blogger please feel free to join us from 8pm!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sun Dried Tomato & Chickpea Dip

One of my (not so) secret pleasures is playing out little situations in my head, sure I cannot be alone in allowing myself to indulge in these moments?...

Often the thoughts are a merry go round of creating the perfect dish, running the perfect race, climbing a certain route with precision but recently it’s been about hosting a party with the perfect dishes.

I wrote the word perfect a lot then, I know perfection isn't real...but in my day dream's it can be! 

Moving on..

My Instagram is a feed of nutritious BBQ’s, drool worthy deserts and salad’s every colour of the rainbow and I like it that way.  When I think about huge colourful salad’s and table display’s I often think of the perfect vegetable dip, I imagine myself serving this chunky dip with freshly baked bread, some rocket and olive oil.

Suddenly a smile springs to my face and I know within 5 minutes I’ll be able to create my own little dream world to enjoy whenever I feel inclined. 

I love this dip as a side for vegetables or salad, as a sandwich filler or topping for crisp breads or just with a spoon and a smile! It's the perfect balance of healthy, filling (due to the high protein content) and easy to make..

Sun Dried Tomato & Chickpea Dip


1 Can Chickpea's (drained)
20 Sun Dried Tomato's
2 Tablespoons Olive oil
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
Half a teaspoon basil (if using ground)
Half a teaspoon paprika 
1 Tablespoon of lemon juice 


Add all the ingredients into a food processor (or blender, you can even use a handheld blender if that's what you have to hand) and pulse until a smooth mix forms.

Keep covered up in the fridge for up to 3 days and enjoy, it really is that simple! 

Do you make your own dips? Does the summer make you crave salads and cold dishes?



It's not to late to enter my give away for a Kismet Yoga Bra Top

Friday, 18 July 2014

Kismet Gita Top Give Away

It's important to say thank you.

Recently my readership has grown and having the interaction with so many incredible people is something I'm really thankful for, every time you follow, comment or pin from my blog I leap for joy. 

Last week I proudly introduced you to a new brand of Yoga clothing called Kismet and shared some of my favourite picks from the first collection (you can see that here).

This week I'm thrilled to announce that Kismet have given me the opportunity to give away my favourite piece which is the Gita Bra Top.

Let me tell you about the Gita bra top..It has a distressed print pattern with a simple pink back, the Gita is made from durable soft touch knit fabric resists tearing, for perfect long-lasting wear. 

I fell in love with the stylish design and I think it would be wearable in or out of the gym and during yoga practice, for those looking to be a little more covered up this would work perfectly under a simple vest or as a bra under a fancy top. 

The sizes are from 8 to 14, the Gita top has a supportive bust and and is made in sustainable production and fair working conditions.

Kismet say we should do all things with love, I completely agree.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Have a beautiful weekend..


Terms & Conditions 
The terms and conditions are simple, this is for UK residents only, any spam entries will be deleted as this is not fair on genuine entries and the winner will be contacted within 24 hours of the competition closing. Please kindly use the rafflecopter entry system so that I can make sure you are accounted for and contactable.